Changing Times

2022 is bringing us new ways to continue our businesses. If nothing else, these COVID years have provided me with time to recharge, refocus and redirect my path. My takeaway is a continuation of remote use – thank you ZOOM- and working with only past clients and referrals, to make room for new options.  This […]

Power Up Your RAS in 2021

Thank goodness, it is a new year!  What are your thoughts/goals for making 2021 a successful year personally and business/career wise? Don’t let 2020 paralyze your thoughts and actions for 2021.  If anything 2020 should have prepared us to embrace change, exercise our flexibility and become more agile in our decision making. The year is […]

Your business vision for 2021

What will be your business intentions for 2021? Will you take the time to revisit your business model and adapt for this new era?  Chances are there is not a business that existed in the last two years that hasn’t been impacted by both the pandemic and technology.  How has your business faired?  How will […]

Expanding my horizons…

2020 has been a year of distraction, isolation, soul searching as well as expanding my journey.  My book, Your Journey to Aging Well, was published in May.   My plan for promoting was obviously de-railed as speaking engagements, presentations and book signings have been postponed. The need to regroup was clear.  I then focused on press […]

Moving forward in 2020…

Much like other businesses, HBR has found 2020 to be a challenging year.  The challenge has not only been the pandemic but also the opportunity to follow an avocation while still being open for HBR business.  Both paths have led me to really appreciate those entrepreneurs that juggle several business paths at the same time. […]

Opening a new chapter…

As I continue to want to grow my knowledge of healthful living, I decided last year to take the Integrative Nutrition Course offered by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the worlds largest online school for integrative nutrition.  In May I graduated and now, I am working through how to juggle two diverse business directions – […]

Great Moments!

At a December planning workshop provided by Pinnacle 7, the guest speaker Jen of Jlynne Consulting Group LLC made a presentation on “The Five Words.”  Among the tips and explanations Jen provided was that we all have bad moments.  And, a bad moment doesn’t make a bad day. This really resonated with me as I […]

2016 Reflection, 2017 Thoughts

As I reflect on this time last year, my annual business plan projected that 2016 would bring a slower business flow. Fortunately, it was more active than anticipated. For 2017 the plan is to capitalize on 2016 projects and increase business opportunities by expanding into some new service areas – local sourcing connections for businesses […]