Changing Times

2022 is bringing us new ways to continue our businesses. If nothing else, these COVID years have provided me with time to recharge, refocus and redirect my path.

My takeaway is a continuation of remote use – thank you ZOOM- and working with only past clients and referrals, to make room for new options.  This change in thought allows me the opportunity to promote my first book, Your Journey to Aging Well, and work on the concept for my second book while still keeping up on providing the needed business support.

There are many learning opportunities available online now.  I would recommend that you find your passion or passions, and challenge yourself to learn as much as possible. Life is way too short!

I continue my business and finance activities while I look to increase my wellness and environmental knowledge…different paths but both are passions.  Who said we could have only one passion?

Best of luck to you as you journey through 2022.