Is your company ready to take on the future, with all its uncertainties? Inspired by Tom Peters’ extensive work on excellence, Future Shape of the Winner ™ is an Excellence Operating Model developed by the Tom Peters’ Company with a focus on helping organizations understand future impacts and how to position for best results.

Future Shape of the Winner™ is….

…an organization or company’s understanding, positioning and alignment around three core elements –Performance, Experience and Execution – which will be critical to future success.

The Tom Peters Company has developed an approach to support organizations and /or companies in evaluating where they are today and where they need to be in the future (generally 3-5 years ) using the three core elements as they relate to talent, brand and architecture.

This holistic approach is centered on a 50 question survey which can be offered to a variety of levels within the organization. The results can be provided both in an overall organizational view as well as subsets.

By reviewing the results, an organization or business can see where its challenges for the future will reside. This feedback provided can be used to prioritize and guide company initiatives/implementation, affirm strategic direction and celebrate achievements.

Handlon Business Resources is a Licensed Excellence Audit Facilitator for Future Shape of the Winner™ and proud to be one of a eight in the US ( 18 worldwide) who have attained this certification.