The  business and life philosophy behind this venture can be best expressed as:
“I believe in celebrating the positive… learning from success rather than focusing on deficiencies… life is much too short!

We should enjoy each day – whatever our activities – to foster a positive working environment where fun can occur, improving efficiency and output. I also believe that well-informed employees become exceptional resources, their sharpened skills affecting customer services.

A strong leader guides communication; this encourages active participation in projects with reliable decision-making results.

My greatest joy? working in an environment with people who share this same positive philosophy.”
Mentors who inspired my philosophy and success:

Robert Rodale:
His insightful passion for regeneration, affecting personal and business levels.

Zig Ziglar:
His mantra of giving others the opportunity to achieve, enables you to achieve.

Stephen Covey:
his inspired publications, Principle Centered Leadership and Seven Habits.

Ricardo Semler:
his approach to developing unusual and responsive workplaces through his book, Maverick.

P. Sue Perrotty:
Former SVP of Meridian Bank and EVP of CoreStates/Wachovia.
The finest supervisor whose character as a leader became my role model for excellence and success.