Are you ready?

As I write this blog, it is soon time for our taxes to be paid, for summer to come and another presidential election.  Time is passing much more quickly as I get older.  My business has now been around 18 years; my initial thought in 2006 was a 3- year business!

My message here to businesses is remember to stop and value each day!  It is especially important to value those that work with you or for you – they are the ones to help your business move forward. Also, seek out experts/coaches to help you attain your vision for your company.

COVID took away some of the business professionalism and courtesies; patience seems to be a scarce resource. From my research to add a chapter to my book, Your Journey to Aging Well – Drink, Move, Eat, Sleep – titled Connect, it would seem that even in 2024 we have not seen the end to the impact of COVID in all of our lives.  Therefore, it behooves us to acknowledge and celebrate those around us, find reasons to expand our networks face to face, and be grateful for health, family, friends and of course, puppies(Thank you Brazil Topno)!