It used to be price, product & people for business, now it is 4 Ps for sustainability!

It’s been awhile since the last post.  I have had the best of intentions but motivation was lacking.  As I looked back over the last year or two, I realized that motivation, even though self- created, can be difficult when there is little feedback on your actions.  This situation has affected both of my websites… and may also affect your employees.

It is more important than ever today to keep your awareness and communication with employees at the top of your “to do’s.”  The negativity in this world really affects us all and with little to no recognition of one’s contributions, motivation will all but disintegrate.

Mission Matters vol 10

It is for that reason, that I contributed a chapter to Adam Torres’ Mission Matters Volume 10.  Chapter 35 (page 297) is titled Building a Stronger and More Sustainable Bottom Line.  In it I focus on four key areas for businesses to succeed and sustain – 4 Ps -People, Profit, Place and Planet.

People – from custodians to the Board room, all people in your organization matter.  How do you show respect and concern for them in this 24 x 7 always on digital age?

Profit –a business, for-profit or non-profit – can’t keep the doors open without it. But in a capitalized society, excessive profit can impact all the other P’s. So let’s be reasonable!

Place – regardless of where you are located in the world, your business has an immediate impact on the surrounding community/neighborhood. How do you support the community which has been supporting your operation?

Planet – we have been draining our planet of its quality water, soil and air.  When was the last time you took an inventory of how your organization impacts our environment and then develop solutions to minimize those impacts?  None of the other 3 P’s mean anything without a viable and living environment.

If you want to read more of the details, this volume can be found on-line at Amazon.  Thanks for reading this blog.  Let me know your thoughts.