Handlon Business Resources (HBR) LLC supports business owners and executives in meeting their goals by implementing projects in customer and market development utilizing our extensive business experience and network of resources. In essence, HBR becomes your project partner!

If you are familiar with Stephen Covey’s 4 quadrants, HBR focuses on the Important, Not Urgent quadrant that helps a business to get beyond the daily “fire fighting.”

Customer Development

Expanding relationships with existing customers is good business – cost effective and profitable. Learning as much about them – their interests, preferences and special requirements – can help businesses to not only grow but create a more loyal and vocal “fan.” Along with employees, one of a business’ greatest assets is the existing customer base.

Market Development

Defining ways to increase business beyond existing customers can be critical for survival. Typical areas of work include: finding prospects with profiles similar to current customers, finding new channels to promote a business or getting new energy and thought behind the presentation of the business as well as conducting competitive reviews.

Financing Presentations

Being prepared for the initial meeting with a lender or investor is critical..it is your company’s “first impression.” Working with you and your team to pull all the primary company information needs together provides the lender or investor with the full picture upfront and reduces the “back and forth.” Plus the presentation becomes critical documentation for your business.

“What I found special about your process is that you found needed resources within my organization to gather the information that you needed; without having to involve me. This resulted in no work on my part and just a few very brief meetings. Anyone that runs a business knows that this is a true gift.

Combined with the fact that due to your reputable work history and my personal dealings with you on committees, I always felt completely confident that these projects were in the hands of someone I completely trust.” 
Tina Hamilton, President, hireVision Group

With over 40 years invested in the Lehigh Valley’s business and non-profit communities, HBR’s network extends from Easton to Fogelsville, the Slate Belt to the Upper Perkiomen Valley. The varied business experience covers: banking and financial services, retail, local government, education and the arts. Rounding out this experience is leadership and development roles in non-profits ranging from youth to seniors, housing to history, visual and performing arts.

Local Sourcing Connector

For those seeking B – B connections in the greater Lehigh Valley area, HBR can help facilitate your research and introductions.  with 40+ years of working in the business, municipal and non-profit communities, the network that has been established can advance your objectives. More detail is available at the tab for Local Sourcing Connector.