Handlon Business Resources LLC supports business owners in meeting their goals by implementing projects in customer and market development utilizing our extensive business experience and network of resources. HBR also supports business owners in creating their business & financial story for presentation to lenders, investors or alternative financial sources. Sally Handlon, founder and president has over 40 years of experience in public, corporate, small business and learning environments. This experience, along with the extensive network of business and community organizations, provides a wealth of capabilities to meet most business needs. This combination of experience and network have led to the introduction of a new service – Local Sourcing Connector – introduced in December 2016. Details can be found on the “Local Sourcing Connector” page.

HBR LLC celebrates 18 years in business in 2024. The scope of projects has been amazing and client support has been exceptional.

New website now availableBodyConstruction.me – healing your body from the inside out!”  This is in addition to this website. See most recent blog post.  Along this wellness website, Your Journey to Aging Well, authored by Sally Handlon, was published in May 2020.