Expanding my horizons…

2020 has been a year of distraction, isolation, soul searching as well as expanding my journey.  My book, Your Journey to Aging Well, was published in May.   My plan for promoting was obviously de-railed as speaking engagements, presentations and book signings have been postponed. The need to regroup was clear.  I then focused on press releases, targeting specific markets for customization of the book and most recently, a podcast.  The latter is something that I will need to explore in 2021.  COVID has delayed much but it has offered an opportunity for more creative thinking.

The podcast was offered by a long time friend, Dennise Kowalczyk, principal of CTD Creative Consulting.  It can be found at: https://anchor.fm/broadband/episodes/Episode-9—Sally-Handlon-of-Handlon-Business-Resources-en14dd

I found that I really enjoyed this medium – so an old dog can learn new tricks!


I also stepped up my radio show at WDIY 88.1 FM.  I had switched to quarterly hosting in 2020 but by the end of this year I am back to monthly!  I found that I missed the opportunity to research new topics (business, health, local authors) as well as helping to introduce these folks to the listeners.  Here are the links to two recent shows.  By the way, WDIY now has a free app.  You can find it at Apple or Google app stores.




The first is a local author who has taken on 2020 to share how to have the best year ever.  I was a skeptic at first when I saw it was a 52-week commitment.  However, Eric Bartosz has done a great job in providing support to help guide this journey. And, his readers have had great success on several levels – mindset, body strengthening, lifestyle choices.

The second was an interview with Raja Bhattacharya about “entrepreneurial mindset.”  This is a relatively new course offered at Northampton Community College, both  for credit and as a non-credit course.  When you think about your career or business, an entrepreneurial mindset will provide the best opportunity for success.


I hope that you can listen in to these. Would love to hear your feedback.

Be well and safe.


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