2016 Reflection, 2017 Thoughts

As I reflect on this time last year, my annual business plan projected that 2016 would bring a slower business flow. Fortunately, it was more active than anticipated. For 2017 the plan is to capitalize on 2016 projects and increase business opportunities by expanding into some new service areas – local sourcing connections for businesses coming into the Lehigh Valley, marketing to prime contractors and developing a program to support companies interested in having supplier diversity within their procurement areas.  These services, along with the current project flow, should make 2017 one of the busiest years yet for Handlon Business Resources.

In 2016 I wasn’t sure what the business environment would bear during an election year AND, I have no idea now how things will unfold with the new administration.  However, what I do know is that if I document my plan, communicate it to others, work it throughout the year and focus on my clients, 2017 will be best of 12 years for Handlon Business Resources.  That is my 2017 business mindset and hopefully yours as well.

I wish you the joys and magic of this Christmas season and a wealth of opportunities in 2017.

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