With all the changes and requirements of lending institutions, pulling together a presentation to make your request can be overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what information the lender needs. You also want to make a good first impression when you are requesting a financial institution to invest in you!

The Financing Presentation gathers all the pertinent information on your company and puts it into a format which lenders can easily review allowing you to get a decision faster. 95% of what most lenders need is provided; however, there may be some specific documents particular to that lender that may not be included in this presentation.

And, you may like an introduction to a new financial institution. HBR can make that introduction for you*. 

The final product is a solid document not only for the lender’s review but also for your own business’ documentation.

*Please note that HBR LLC is not a loan broker and does not base fees on requested loan amounts.