You Know You Work For A Good Dealership When…

You Know You Work For a Good Dealership When…       Several years ago there was an article written about working for bad dealerships and everyone was able to post a lot of negative insights and experiences. Well it is time to look at the good aspects that the automotive industry has offered all of us! […]

Tonality On The Phone

Tonality on the Phone      I am amazed when making inquiries at the tonality of the person answering the phone. Although some are cheery and seem genuinely happy to assist you they are few and far between. These calls are being made to people in the “customer service” entities of the businesses I select to contact- […]


CRM- Support Mark Handlon Automotive Dealer Consultant for BDC and Internet      There sure are a lot of CRM companies to choose from available to automotive dealerships. Most dealerships are looking to these platforms to be the answer to prayers that plague their businesses on a day to day basis and for many dealerships the […]