You Have Made the Decision to Purchase Another Vehicle

You Have Made the Decision to Purchase Another Vehicle

Written by Mark Handlon- Internet/BDC Consultant- Handlon Business Resources 1/18/2017



The time has come to either replace or add a vehicle in your household. You feel that your current vehicle is costing you too much money in repairs, your family has grown in need of a larger vehicle or you saw the vehicle that excites you in an advertisement on the television or magazine. Whatever the reason you have committed yourself to moving forward in the process. There are several issues that each of you should consider:


  • Who you will select to offer the opportunity to earn your business?
  • Where is this business located for ease of future service?
  • What type of vehicle will offer you the features and benefits you are looking for?
  • When will you pull the trigger once I have decided to purchase?




   The “who” may be determined by many factors such as past service on your current vehicle, the sales person who sold you your last vehicle, on line reviews of the dealerships you are considering, a referral or even the family member who will be driving this vehicle looking at specific makes and models.

The “where” is for convenience when it comes time to have the vehicle serviced. If the dealership offers pick-up and delivery service and a loaner vehicle this could easily affect your purchase decision!

The “what” is determined by the dealership that offers the vehicle (make and model) that you feel will best suit your needs and wants.

The “when” is determined on how quickly you need to replace your current vehicle or add your next vehicle and if the vehicle fits your budget.


You have considered all of the information and now comes the part many people dread. You need to contact the dealership. You are going to venture out of your comfort zone into an area that you fear being “taken advantage of.” You are looking for the right vehicle at the right price that you will hopefully be happy with for many years to come. After all, next to buying your home, a vehicle purchase is the second largest purchase you will make. Unlike a home, you will purchase more vehicles than homes in your lifetime and it doesn’t seem to get any easier or more pleasant each time you do it. The internet is filled with so much information that although you have done a much research as you feel is possible, you ultimately still need to contact the dealerships of choice to insure that all of the information you have gathered is correct.

Some of you will inquire through the dealerships on line inquiry service long before picking up the phone or visiting the dealership. You may feel safer and that there will be little or no pressure by utilizing this process. Some of you will choose to visit the dealership and deal with the purchase or inquiry head on. Either way will usually end up with the dealership visit unless you already decided on the vehicle and you are purchasing the vehicle online. The only visit you will make is to take delivery of the vehicle.

Three key questions for you to consider:

  1. What type of information are you looking to derive from the internet inquiry?
  2. What are you expecting from the sales staff when visiting the dealership?
  3. What will be your requirements from this dealership after you have made the purchase?


I welcome your comments and criticisms. I am looking for your feedback for training purposeswhen consulting with automotive dealerships.


Mark Handlon

Handlon Business Resources

Automotive Division Consultant

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